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06 June 2021
Praha (Prague)
(Czech Republic)

Sexteto PFO and Veleni
Sexteto Prague Film Orchestra - Obecní dům Veleň

Program Info:
Adam Příhoda - 1st violin
Jan Pavlas - 2nd violin
Jiří Korynta - Viola
Michaela Vitáková - cello
Martin Vinš - drums, percussion, vocals
Radim Linhart - piano

Karolína Vágnerová - vocals
Zdeňka Koryntová - vocals

Sexteto PFO , a body that represents its great symphonic "brother" and which brings a sympathetic string quartet accompanied by piano and drums and percussion , always a great program ( not only, but mainly ) of film titles. All members who play in the Sextet are also members of the orchestra, including the violist and conductor, Jiří Korynta.
During the almost two-hour performance, they will prove to you that even big titles work by 6 musicians and they lack almost "nothing".
Film music hides countless genres, emotions and concepts, and the PFO Sexteto partially reveals them to you through the work of ingenious composers.
This time, the Sexteto has prepared a very special program for you, which, unlike other performances, will be based mainly on sung songs performed by Karolina Vágnerová, Martin Vinš and Zdeňka Koryntová.
Sexteto thus expands its genre scope in a completely different direction.
In addition, the songs will be performed during the performance not only by Mr. Korynta's words.
Last year's performance left a great response in the audience in the Welsh audience. Don't miss the concert this year too!

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Last edited: 29 April 2021 - 09:30 hours