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01 July 2021
Praha (Prague)
(Czech Republic)

Prague Proms: The world of Richard Dreyfuss
Czech National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Steven Mercurio - Municipal House, Smetana Hall

This concert has been canceled.

Program Info:
Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Steven Mercurio , conductor
Richard Dreyfuss , recitation

One of the highlights of this year's Prague Proms will be a concert led by Steven Mercurio with the participation of ichthyologist Hooper (Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg, 1975), or the composer Glenn Holland (Opus Mr. Holland, directed by Stephen Herek, 1995). That's right, the invitation of festival director Jan Hasenöhrl was accepted by Hollywood actor Richard Dreyfuss, who will be directly involved in the concert program.

The Municipal House will feature the premiere of Steven Mercurio's new work, which Richard Dreyfuss will complete with his performance. We will keep you strained for a while and we will not reveal the title of the text yet. In addition to the aforementioned work, there will be a selection of compositions from films in which Dreyfuss has starred, as well as Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf.

We firmly believe that the concert and the festival will not disrupt Close Encounters of the Third Kind (directed by Steven Spielberg, 1977) and Roy Neary will happily travel back to the US from Václav Havel Airport for us by a normal, aviation means enriched with new experiences.

Sergey Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf
John Williams - Jaws (suite)
John Williams - Close Encounters of the Third Kind (suite)
Michael Kamen - Mr. Holland's Opus (Suite)

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This concert has been canceled.

Last edited: 25 February 2021 - 10:11 hours