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Film Music Concert Production Companies

As a successful tour organizer in German-speaking countries, Alegria has dealt with large-format film music projects such as the "Disney in Concert" tours of "Pirates of the Caribbean - Pirates of the Caribbean", Disney's "Frozen" or "The Jungle Book" as well as the LIVE production of " The Lord of the Rings trilogy or "STAR WARS in Concert" excels in the concert halls of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Art Productions
Art Productions organises concerts themselves as well as concerts on behalf of companies and organizations, contracts artists & orchestras, is responsible for production management and artist support, coordinates media, marketing and sponsorship for cultural events.

Avex Classics International
Whether it’s bringing cinematic masterpieces to life by placing soundtracks front and centre or producing original theatrical and musical content, Avex Classics International is at the cutting edge of live classical entertainment. Our mission is to create, innovate and facilitate exciting and engaging experiences for artists and audiences alike. Established in 2014, Avex Classics International is a division of Japan’s leading entertainment business, the Avex Inc.

CineConcerts is one of the leading producers of live music experiences performed with visual media. Founded by producer/conductor Justin Freer and producer/writer Brady Beaubien, CineConcerts has engaged millions of people worldwide in concert presentations that redefine the evolution of live experience.

Costa Communications
For over twenty years, Costa Communications Inc.'s expertise in new traditional media, promotional tactics and strategic public relations has led to innovative and creative campaigns that offer maximum exposure and optimal impact. Costa Communications Inc. supplement marketing and advertising efforts, often serving as the primary source for creating name recognition for artists, entertainers, corporations and products.

European Filmphilharmonic Institute
Whether you are an orchestra, organiser, cultural manager, publisher, archive or a rights holder, the European Filmphilharmonic Institute will assist your artistic programming. If you are planning a film concert or film music concert for your venue, orchestra, concert hall or theatre, you will find the information you need either on this website or by contacting them personally.

IMG Artists
IMG Artists is a global leader of performing arts management. For thirty years, the company has set the standard for excellence across the artist management, touring, dance, attractions, festivals, events and cultural consulting fields. IMGA's specialists in offices across three continents offer unparalleled international reach and depth of experience to the company's artists, clients and partners.

Intermusica seeks the most creative approach to their work for the benefit of their artists and partners. As concert engagement and experience evolve through film, animation, media and technology, they are proud to offer and facilitate an array of projects that celebrate these mediums, whilst retaining at their core a strong sense of musical integrity and creative identity. These are award-winning projects offering accessible concert models and the potential to be uniquely tailored to venues, promoters, performers and new audiences.

Medea Music
From an idea to the post production, Medea Music covers the whole spectrum of classical music production. They use state-of-the-art recording equipment, can choose from a wide range of recording venues and recently collaborated with labels such as SONY/BMG, Orfeo, Capriccio, Deutsche Grammophon, Naive, CPO and Col Legno.

Neoclassica (est. 2010), the leader in instrumental and contemporary classical music in Eastern Europe and one of the Big Five concert promoters in Russia. As a 360-degree agency and production company we already brought to life several exclusive and mind blown symphonic shows based on movie soundtracks with such prominent film composers as Alexandre Desplat, Abel Korzeniowski, Wardruna, Yoshihisa Hirano as well as contemporary classical shows with superstars of this genre as Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds. We have our own Cinema and Game Music Orchestra (CAGMO) based in Moscow. Among its indisputable advantages are the highest professionalism, responsibility and ability to embody any plan of the composer, director, game developer who impress all maestros who have ever collaborated with the orchestra.

Prima Vista Quartet
The Prima Vista Quartet has become a benchmark in the world of cine-concerts (silent films musical accompaniment) of which he explored repertoires as diverse as slapstick, expressionism, social realism, historical melodrama, and swashbuckler, while visiting horizons as different as French, American, German, Russian and Chinese films.

Schirmer Theatrical
A creative production company that specializes in developing symphonic cinema (film with live orchestra) concerts, symphonic pops concerts, and theatrical productions. Schirmer Theatrical’s roster of Grammy, Tony, and Emmy-winning arrangers, directors, production designers and sound engineers, work directly with our in-house creative team to design every facet of high-end concert and stage productions, from video and digital development, music copying and editing, to lighting, sound and overall production design. It is the only company of its kind that develops film with live orchestra concert productions entirely in-house.

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